Hypnosis Recordings (Call for more Info):

Another way I Help People Help Themselves is with Hypnosis recordings. This is a great tool people can use to make positive changes in their lives. These are very cost effective at only $49.99 each.

Currently, a general hypnosis recording for Weight Loss is available Sometimes people benefit from a hypnosis recording targeted to their individual goals and roadblocks. This is why I also offer Personalized Hypnosis Recordings. These are done in three steps:
  1. An interview or intake in which a person's specific goals, roadblocks, and history around the subject are considered.
  2. From the information gathered, I record a personalized self-hypnosis recording designed specifically for the person.
  3. The last step is a consultation where the do's and don'ts are explained for safety and effectiveness and the person receives their personalized recording.
Note: Recordings are offered in CD and MP3 formats for convenience.

Personalized Hypnosis Recordings are offered at $299.00 for the entire three step process.